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New Year’s 2022 is already here in Mario Kart Tour

New Year’s 2022 Tour

Nintendo continues to bet on the mobile version of Mario Kart.

Nintendo has revealed what we can expect from the New Year’s 2022 Tour, which debuted today in Mario Kart Tour, the mobile version of the Mario Kart game series. The game’s new content includes Bowser’s Castle from Mario Kart 7 and Meowser from Super Mario 3D World.

Following the terrible performance of Super Mario Run, Mario Kart Tour appeared to be another future failure for Nintendo. However, much to the surprise of many, the structure produced for the races within the game continues to hum along at a steady pace even as interest waned for many long ago.

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We may also add the amount of content that is regularly added to the game – which we can obtain by earning points in the game – is completely free. Mario Kart Tour, for the sixtieth time, welcomes a new tour to the game. This time, the players are going to welcome and celebrate the upcoming New Year with the new tour which started today.

Meowser and Cat Rosalina, two cat-like creatures right out of Super Mario 3D World, are two new characters from the Super Mario universe introduced in this new New Year’s 2022 Tour. New karts and gliders inspired by these two characters will accompany them. In addition, characters like Tuxedo Mario, Party Lakitu, Kimono Peach, Cat Peach, and Cat Toad will return.

Bowser’s Castle is back

In terms of circuits, we can observe the return of many famous circuits like Choco Mountain from the N64 R/T, among others, but the most important is definitely the arrival of Bowser’s Castle, which appears in the game in the most intimidating fashion possible in the Mario Kart franchise.

New Year’s 2022 Tour

If you want to play this new New Year’s 2022 Tour for free, you can do so in Mario Kart Tour. It’s available on Android via Google Play and iOS via the App Store.

Watch the trailer down below!