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Nintendo Europe Replacing Wii Wrist Straps

UPDATE: If you live in the United States, Nintendo’s website has information on how you can replace your Wii wrist strap.

Nintendo Europe sent out the following statement earlier today. We expect something similar from Nintendo of America in the coming days:

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Nintendo is not recalling any of the Wii wrist straps for its motion sensitive Wii Remote. There is no problem with the existing wrist strap as long as the Wii Remote is used sensibly and properly in accordance with the guidelines provided by Nintendo. All parts of the wrist strap have passed product testing and quality control. The following tips are advised for safe play:

* Always wear the wrist strap while playing.
* Keep a firm grip on the Wii Remote at all times.
* Make sure people and objects are out of the range of movement before play begins.
* Players should keep at least three feet/ one meter from their televisions and dry their hands if they become sweaty or wet for any other reason.
* Remember that the Wii Remote is responsive enough to detect minor movements – so excessive and forceful actions are not necessary. Therefore we recommend not to use excessively rapid, violent or wide swinging motions while using the Wii Remote during game play.

Consumers who break their wrist straps through excess usage or who are worried about their wrist strap should contact their nearest Nintendo Service Center voluntary exchange programme has been provided where consumers can replace wrist straps free of charge upon request.

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