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Nintendo Partners w/ JiWire for Nintendo DS

JiWire, the leading provider of information and services to help people connect to the Internet without wires, today announced that Nintendo has licensed JiWire’s hotspot directory for its new wireless gaming service, Nintendo(R) Wi-Fi Connection. The partnership with JiWire will allow Nintendo DS users to quickly find free hotspot locations, so they can connect and play Nintendo’s cutting-edge portable games anytime, almost anywhere.

Nintendo DS users can search for public hotspot locations by country, state, region, street address or zip code at the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection website (http://www.nintendowifi.com). This service is available for users in the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, and Chile.

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“Through our partnership with JiWire, we are able to offer thousands of Nintendo DS users an easy way to quickly find free hotspot locations,” says George Harrison, senior vice president of marketing at Nintendo of America. “By making wireless gaming more convenient, we make Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection accessible to a wide range of gaming fans.”