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Playlogic Announces Anti-Terror Game

Interactive game publisher Playlogic and U.K. game developer Rebellion today disclosed that Rebellion is developing the anti-terrorism game PRISM. The game is scheduled to be released in Q3 of 2006 for PC and is being developed in conjunction with Rival Interactive, which is the liaison between Playlogic and the U.S. Army National Guard. Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley said, “We are pleased to develop PRISM for Playlogic. Playlogic is a young and aggressive publisher with an impressive line-up for 2006. We believe that PRISM will contribute to the high quality of the line-up.�

PRISM: Threat Level Red is a first-person shooter game with a unique blend of stealth operations and fast action gameplay. PRISM is being developed simultaneously with a game for the US Army National Guard; a version of the game which will be used as a recruitment tool by the U.S. Army National Guard and is called PRISM: Guard Shield. The cooperation with the US Army National Guard adds a high level of military information and expertise to the game.

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