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PlayStation Era Ends

It’s been a long road for Sony and the original PlayStation. The end of the road has finally come with Sony’s announcement that the PlayStation would no longer be in production. Launching in December 1994 in Japan and September 1995 in America, the PlayStation is in its 11th year. PlayStation is thus one of the longest running consoles in gaming history, outdone by the Nintendo Entertainment System, which saw its lifespan run from 1983 until 2003 in Japan.

With over 100 million units sold, the PlayStation is the best selling home console of all-time. It will soon be eclipsed by the PlayStation 2, which has already reached over 100 million units shipped in a matter of six years (nearly half of what it took for the PlayStation). With the dawn of a new age of gaming coming this November with PlayStation 3, gamers may look back to a catalog of classic PlayStation games for download on the newly announced PlayStation Network Platform. RIP PlayStation.

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