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PlayStation Portal solves a problem that doesn’t exist

As we talked about a long time ago, this year we will see the next PlayStation device. The successor to the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita is not what we imagined it would be though. Instead of being a portable console, it will be an exclusive Remote Play device.

It’s been three months since its announcement, and gamers have not stopped highlighting that PlayStation has tried to solve a problem that did not exist. And, after seeing the first impressions of several media, it has been confirmed what the community thought.

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A $200 controller with remote play

If there is a gaming company with a large community behind it, it is undoubtedly PlayStation. Although the PS Vita did not have the expected success, a large part of the community loved the console.

In the past, we have commented that there were many rumors about a possible launch of a PlayStation handheld for this year. However, the hype and excitement was short-lived.

During this year’s PlayStation Showcase 2023, the PlayStation Portal was unveiled. Although during the announcement not much was mentioned about what the console would bring, it was later confirmed that it would not be a portable console like the Nintendo Switch.

It’s officially defined as “a DualSense wireless controller split in half with a high-definition LCD screen inserted in the center.” The PlayStation Portal is nothing more than a controller screen with Remote Play. There’s no local play, and it will require a Wi-Fi connection to play your PlayStation 5 titles.

In short, PlayStation Portal solves a problem that doesn’t exist.

Why PlayStation Portal will be a failure

PlayStation Portal 2

Although the PlayStation Portal had all the potential to break the market, it simply won’t do it. This Remote Play controller will require a Wi-Fi connection at all times to even navigate the menus. Therefore, you will need a PlayStation 5 connected to a network as well.

Being a game streaming device, the main problem is latency. As we can see in the video shared by IGN, PlayStation Portal has a significant latency difference. However, it is less noticeable than other consoles based on cloud gaming. Beyond that, it will allow you to use your entire PS5 catalog.

Due to latency and problems with the Wi-Fi or internet connections, it is recommended for exclusive use with single-player games. This is a major limitation as latency will create issues with multiplayer games. However, what will really be a problem for many is that Portal does not have Bluetooth.

PlayStation has announced that this new device will feature PlayStation Link. It’s something similar to Apple’s technology, although only two PlayStation devices have it. By not having Bluetooth, you will not be able to use your headphones or microphone via Bluetooth when using the Portal. This means you will have to spend about $160 more if you want the new Plus Elite Headset from PlayStation.

Honestly, this may be yet another failure on PlayStation’s part like the PlayStation TV was. The PS5 already offers much cheaper Remote Play options than the Portal. So what exactly is the point of this?

Watch the hands-on video from the PlayStation Portal down below!