Project U: Ubisoft announces closed test registration for co-op shooter

Project U

French publisher Ubisoft plans the second closed test registration of the company’s new Project U.

Ubisoft has had a very negative few years – from the significant internal drama and always sticking with the same format of games year after year. But, despite what the numbers say, already the opinion of the players has turned against Ubisoft.

Therefore, the French company announces Project U. It’s a new project codenamed that seeks to offer a co-op shooter different from what we are used to. In addition, you will have the option to be part of the closed test of it!

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The second closed test of 2022

Ubisoft, by taking a new guideline focusing on user feedback, has started to make changes. Assassin’s Creed Mirage will feature a setup much like its origins; it will look to revive beloved Ubisoft franchises such as Splinter Cell; but, more importantly, Ubisoft will experiment with new IPs.

Therefore, Ubisoft brings us Project U. It’s a co-op shooter with a twist that they hope will appeal to many gamers. Although there is not much info about the game, we know in advance some facts. It will support teams of up to five players, although it may be teams of even more players. But even though there will be teams, there will be a big common goal where they will have to work together to achieve that goal.

Project U follows the same closed test format presented in April by Ubisoft with Project Q. Although, we haven’t learned more information about Project Q. However, Ubisoft will allow players to be part of the closed test of Project U. In this way, they will not only be testing the stability of the versions of the game, but they will have direct feedback from a group of players.

This closed test will only be available in Europe. All players residing in these countries will be able to take part in the test. If you wish to take part and meet the requirements, you can register on the dedicated Project U website.