PS5 beta software update
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PS5 OS beta update adds 1440p support

PS5 beta software update

All these changes have been added in order to improve the gaming experience for players.

Despite Sony’s early leadership of the new generation of consoles, things have not been going very well for the company. Both the sales of the PlayStation 5, as well as the catalog of available games, have disappointed many gamers. Even so, Sony goes to great lengths to offer the best experience to gamers when using the PS5.

That’s why Sony announced yesterday that a new PS5 system update is coming. It is an update where the expected 1440p, game list creation, UX enhancements, and new social features will be introduced.

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With the number of resolutions available on many monitors and TVs, it was expected that the PS5 would come with standard support for all of them. However, Sony did not introduce 1440p support as standard. Surprisingly, a large number of TVs and monitors on the market offer this resolution, which is commonly known as 2K.

PS5 beta software update

Sony through a new beta launched yesterday for PS5 in some countries has implemented 1440p support. Despite this big change, this new resolution will not have VRR support like 1080p or 4K. Still, it is a preferred resolution for many gamers who have been requesting this change since the console’s release.

Game lists, social upgrades, and other major changes

Something that has also been requested is the ability to modify game folders. These folders will now take the name of game lists and allow you to create up to 15 simultaneous folders with 100 games each. The versatility of these game lists is so wide that it will allow us to order the games to our liking. In addition, we can include the same game in different lists if desired. However, it is not possible to place the lists on the main page.

PS5 beta software update

Other very important changes have been the upgrades in the social aspect. Now you can ask a player in your group to share their screen, or join a friend’s multiplayer game from a notification received when joining a group. The most important thing is the incorporation of voice messages privately between players or through the new text groups.

In addition, a new option is added to adjust the 3D profile of your headphones. This new setting will allow you to compare in real time the transition from stereo to 3D technology. This way you will know which of these two technologies you prefer for the game you are playing at that moment.

All of these changes are available in the beta introduced in the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. You must be part of the beta team to be able to download this update from today. The features will roll out for all PS5 owners at a later date.