Returning Final Fantasy XIV Online players can get five days of free playtime

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Square Enix recently announced that Final Fantasy XIV Online just surpassed 18 million registered players worldwide. If you’re among those 18 million players but do not currently have an active subscription, the company wants to entice you back with some free playtime.

Now through January 14, Final Fantasy XIV Online players without an active subscription are invited to return to the fight. Square Enix is offering five free consecutive days of complimentary playtime.

To be eligible for the free playtime, users must have previously purchased and registered Final Fantasy XIV Online and have a currently inactive account. The account must have been inactive for at least the past 30 days. If you qualify, you are eligible for up to 120 hours of playtime within a five-day window.

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Final Fantasy XIV Online has seen a lot of changes since its launch. The game now has three expansions, including the most recent, Shadowbringers, which was released this year. For more information on the free playtime, visit the Final Fantasy XIV website.

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