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Saint Kotar launches on PC

Saint Kotar

Saint Kotar has come to PC after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Saint Kotar is a point-and-click psychological horror game developed by Red Martyr Entertainment in partnership with Soedesco. It is now available for PC.

Psychological horror detective game

Saint Kotar, which we’ve previously discussed on Game Freaks 365, is a detective horror game in which you play as Benedek and Nikolay. The two religious men are seeking their missing relative in an old God-devoted community named Sveti Kotar.

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Following the publication of the prologue in 2020 on many platforms, the game currently includes 20 hours of gameplay, complete voice acting, and community engagement components like supporters as NPCs in the game.

Red Martyr Entertainment’s new title would not be where it is now without the assistance of its Kickstarter funders. The game was fully financed within only one month on Kickstarter. Many of Red Martyr Entertainment’s stretch goals have also been met. Console adaptations to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms are among them, as background DLC, complete voice acting features, and developer input.

“From the very first idea, writing the rich lore and background story, to creating the world and characters… It’s been years of hard work to create something this unique. With all the help we’ve gotten from the Kickstarter backers, the rest of the community and our families, we’ve finally been able to see the project into which we’ve put all of our hearts come to life as a finished game,” said Marko Tominić, CEO of Red Martyr Entertainment.

Saint Kotar is now available on PC through Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG.

Watch the launch game trailer down below!