Shinsekai: Into the Depths launches on Switch

The deep-sea exploration game Shinsekai: Into the Depths is available now for digital download on the Nintendo Switch.

Shinsekai: Into the Depths is a 2.5D game with a mix of exploration, resource gathering, and combat. You play as the last surviving human on Earth who must venture into an unexplored, aquatic world. Players collect resources that allow them to upgrade their gear, craft new items, and advance deeper into the abyss.

Shinsekai was previously released for Apple Arcade last September. The Switch version is available now on Nintendo eShop. It retails for $19.99.

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New platform, new features

The Switch version comes with new features that will also be available in a free update on iOS devices. Among the new features is an all-new “Another Dive” time-challenge mode with two difficulty levels, in addition to the new Jukebox Mode.

Here’s more info on the two new modes from Capcom:

In “Another Dive,” players must descend through a perilous maze as quickly as possible in order to confront a new monstrous threat. After completing “Another Dive”, those wishing to truly test their mettle can also brave its Hardcore mode, which adds more pressure by placing the player in an antique diving suit and offers even fewer resources. Audiophiles can take a break from the action to explore the new “Jukebox Mode,” which allows players to listen to their favorite background music at any time, and tinker with a variety of audio filters such as music depth.

The new modes will also be available in a free title update for Apple Arcade subscribers on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple TV. The update goes live on March 26.

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