Skater XL Tampa Pro Esports Contest announced

Skater XL Tampa Pro Esports Contest announced

The Skater XL Tampa Pro Esports Contest was just announced.

Easy Day Studios announced the debut of the first-ever Skater XL Tampa Pro Esports Contest. The special esports event is in collaboration with the real-world Tampa Pro skateboarding competition. So this esports competition will take place alongside a traditional skateboarding competition.

Easy Day Studios will also be releasing the new version of Skatepark of Tampa to be used for the contest for Skater XL on April 25. The park will include new elements featured in the updated pro course at the 28th Annual Tampa Pro competition including course artwork by famous skate artist Lucas Beaufort.

Last year, Easy Day Studios released the free Skatepark of Tampa map. The game has received a steady stream of new content with everything from a multiplayer update to community mods, maps, and gear on both PC and consoles.

How to watch

The Skater XL Tampa Pro Esports Contest will be livestreamed on the official Skater XL Twitch channel on May 7. All entries for consideration are due by midnight PST on Tuesday, April 19. For more details, please visit the official Skater XL Instagram.

Skater XL is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. The game was also announced for Nintendo Switch, although it is not yet out.

Watch the new trailer below!

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