Sony adds PS4 Remote Play to iPhone and iPad

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PS4 owners can now play their library of console games remotely on the iPhone and iPad. Sony rolled out a new PS4 system update and iOS app today adding the feature.

Previously, iOS users had to buy pricey third-party apps to remote play on an iPhone or iPad, but that’s not the case anymore. The PS4 Remote Play app can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store. PS4 Remote Play is already supported on Android, Windows PC, Mac, and PlayStation Vita.

The PS4 Remote Play iOS app allows you to play games using on-screen touch controls or a Bluetooth controller compatible with iOS devices. Unfortunately, the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller is incompatible.

In terms of hardware, Sony suggests that you use at least an iPhone 7, iPad 6th generation, iPad Pro 2nd generation, or newer. You’ll also need iOS 12.1 or later, a WiFi network, and a PSN account. Remote Play will not work over a mobile network.

The idea of Remote Play might seem counterintuitive since the PS4 is a home console, not a handheld like the PlayStation Vita. But if you don’t have access to a television set – either because a family member or roommate is using it – or if you just want to play your PS4 in bed, Remote Play is a good option.

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