limited edition Xbox controller and headphone
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Starfield Xbox controller and headphones are now available

Xbox’s attention to detail in their limited editions is out of this world!

We finally got to see a little more of Starfield. This new project from Bethesda Game Studios transports us to a new generation RPG set in space. The last Xbox Game Showcase shared new gameplay and more info about the game. A lot of players have their eyes on this ambitious project.

But Starfield doesn’t just stand out for its ambitious approach and impressive graphics. Featuring an incredible aesthetic, Xbox has ventured once again and launched a limited edition that sells like hotcakes. It is a limited edition Starfield Xbox controller and a Starfield-themed wireless headset inspired by the game’s overall design. Simply put, they look amazing!

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The accessories that every Starfield fan will want to have

As is customary by now, a new big Xbox release means new custom controllers from the game. In this case, this new limited edition Starfield controller has a sleek and futuristic look. It features a white casing that simulates the panels of a spaceship and transparent triggers that reveal the bronze vibration motors.

It also features a bronze metal directional pad. And if that wasn’t enough, it has a brand with the red and white colors of Constellation, the main faction of the game, around the Xbox button. Notably, this controller can connect to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles and Windows 10/11, iOS, and Android PCs via Bluetooth.

In addition to the fantastic controller, Xbox has also dared to release a limited-edition Xbox wireless Starfield headset. To date, these headphones are the first custom headset Xbox has ever created; a perfect complement to the controller.

Like the controller’s triggers, the microphone on this headset is transparent with metallic bronze parts. The headband features Constellation’s red and white stripes, and the headset offers excellent sound quality and voice chat.

The success of Starfield’s accessories on social media

Despite being released less than a week ago, the limited edition Starfield accessories have caused a sensation among Xbox fans. Those who have not hesitated to purchase them before they are sold out.

Several users on Twitter have shared photos and videos of their newly arrived controllers and headsets, expressing their satisfaction with their quality and design. Some have even commented that they have received their orders in less time than expected, demonstrating the efficiency of Microsoft’s service.

If you also want to get your hands on these limited-edition Starfield accessories, don’t wait any longer! This is one of the few limited editions that Xbox has released that is planned to sell out. Visit the Microsoft Store or your usual retailer. Also, be sure to check out the Xbox Game Showcase.