Just Geek has new gaming accessories and peripherals

Just Geek is bringing a new catalog of gaming accessories and peripherals to their online store for gamers. Just Geek is more than just video game and movie merchandise. The website informs its followers and purchasers that it will introduce a range of console and mobile phone accessories geared for the delight of all gamers. … Read more

Call of Duty merch up to 75% off at Just Geek

Just Geek does it again and brings us a slew of Call of Duty merchandise deals for all of their fans! The Just Geek Call of Duty Merchandise Sale features everything from coasters to beanies: Be prepared for your call to action on the battlefield with our selection of Call of Duty merch! We get … Read more

Just Geek adds Eris Morn figure to their Destiny collection

Just Geek has done it again, releasing a new option in their line of Destiny figures: Eris Morn. Standing at a mighty 10″ tall and hand-painted, the new Eris Morn figure even comes with her iconic accessories, such as her Ahamkara bone, studded armor, and Hive eyes. Just Geek has proven that if you want … Read more

May the 4th: Just Geek Star Wars Day deals

May the 4th is here. Just like every year, you can see all the Star Wars fans excited for its arrival. And the merch store Just Geek is celebrating an iconic date of the franchise with deals for fans. The Star Wars franchise has one of the most complete collections of merchandise offered on Just … Read more

Just Geek releases official Doom collectible figures and merchandise

Doom is one of the most popular franchises in video games. The series has attracted millions of fans over the years. Thanks to this, we can see Doom everywhere: from ports of games to movies to merchandise. Because of that huge impact, the Just Geek website has just launched official Doom collectible figures. They range from Doom Slayer to the Cacodemon. … Read more