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Just Geek releases official Doom collectible figures and merchandise

Just Geek Doom collectible figures

Doom is one of the most popular franchises in video games. The series has attracted millions of fans over the years. Thanks to this, we can see Doom everywhere: from ports of games to movies to merchandise.

Because of that huge impact, the Just Geek website has just launched official Doom collectible figures. They range from Doom Slayer to the Cacodemon. So if you lack that extra flair when battling demons in the depths of hell, look no further. Just Geek has the merchandise for you.  

The figures are 6.3 inches tall (160mm). According to Just Geek, they’re made of high-quality vinyl. The designer is Numskull Designs.

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We can also see mugs, plush figures, an official Doom notebook, and even a Christmas ornament. Because of the market and the number of resellers, it’s possible that these might sell out fast and gain value over time. In a few years, you might only find these on eBay and collectibles websites.