Stadia Pro free games lineup announced for July 2020

Google has revealed the free games lineup for Stadia Pro in July. Starting July 1, Stadia Pro subscribers will be able to claim four new games. They include SteamWorld Dig, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Crayata, and West of Loathing. Google is also reminding subscribers to claim The Elder Scrolls Online, which is also … Read more

SteamWorld Dig Review

I never really played any “mining games” quite like Image & Form’s SteamWorld Dig before I decided to download the eShop title, but a few rosy critiques and comparisons to the Metroid series convinced me to take the plunge. I quickly found out that SteamWorld Dig is one of the eShop’s brightest gems and best downloadable platformers on the market.

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PlayStation Plus Gifted Over $1300 in Free Games in 2014

Sony’s premium subscription service, PlayStation Plus, launched a few years ago; ever since it has been one of the best deals in video games. Subscribers are given early access to certain content, including exclusive betas, game demos, and PlayStation Network downloads. Each month, they can also choose to download the full version of several different … Read more