That Time I Won A Gold N64 Controller From Nintendo Power

Have you ever won something in a competition? More specifically, have you ever earned a prize for your accomplishment? The satisfaction of victory is sweet enough, but the sense of reward for obtaining a prize is like the cherry on top. I haven’t won a lot of prizes or competitions in my life, but the … Read more

Best starter Pokemon ranked

I was discussing Pokemon with my roommate and some buddies, as I often find myself doing. We got to comparing the first five generations, and I thought it would be a great idea to break down my favorites in terms of the “starter” Pokemon. Here is the list of the best starter Pokemon I came … Read more

I finally beat The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I finally did it! I beat The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but I didn’t stop there. Let’s catch briefly: I fell completely head over heels for this game, in a way that no video game ever has since playing my very first video game (which, unironically, was Zelda, too). I didn’t just … Read more

Neptunia Virtual Stars Review

Full disclosure: Neptunia Virtual Stars is about as far outside of my usual comfort zone as I go with video games, whether I’m playing them just because I want to or playing them to review. I knew this going into it, and I prepared myself accordingly. I’m not a fan of the whole “fan service” … Read more

Fall Guys devs tease Season 3.5 updates and new content

Mediatonic has laid out some of the new content and updates planned for the Season 3.5 update of its popular game, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. In addition to a brand-new stage, there are more than 40 new variations to existing levels, as well as a new pack of outfits in an all-new DLC pack. You … Read more

Do we really need a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition?

Before we go too far, Nintendo has insisted before that there are no plans for a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition. You know, nothing similar to the mini versions of the NES and SNES that came out over the past few years. Both of the products were a huge hit, and nostalgic players have been absolutely … Read more

Fall Guys’ Live-Action Holiday Trailer is Intensely Wholesome

GameTrailers has posted a new, live-action “Special Holiday Trailer” for Fall Guys: Season Three. Season Three of Fall Guys is nicknamed “Winter Knockout” because it is based on snowy courses, holiday themes, and ice-covered obstacles. RELATED STORIES: 8 Things We Want Most in Future Fall Guys Updates Check out the trailer below. And as a … Read more

8 Things We Want Most in Future Fall Guys Updates

Season Three of Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched a few days ago. Several of us at GF365 have been enjoying the new stages, obstacles, and costumes. The “Winter Knockout” theme and Season Three-exclusive Main Show is timed perfectly and the fresh ideas are welcome. The design for the winter stages fits as well as … Read more

NBA 2K21 Review: Time to retire PS4 and Xbox One

The current-gen version of NBA 2K21 is an absolutely solid basketball game. Don’t get me wrong. The NBA 2K series’ stellar gameplay, popular game modes, and fundamental features are all back in NBA 2K21. They’re all as entertaining as they’ve ever been. On the other hand, it is harder than ever to recommend anyone to … Read more

The Pokemon Company Donates $200K to Black Lives Matter, NAACP

The Pokemon Company has made a public statement directly addressing recent events and worldwide protests over the murder of George Floyd. The Pokemon creators followed up with a $200,000 pledge in support of both the Black Lives Matter movement and the NAACP, with a $100K donation for both groups. Additionally, Niantic – who developed Pokemon … Read more

Vanquish Remastered Review

When Sega originally published Vanquish in 2010, it was a sleeper hit among fans of twitchy, fast-paced shooters. In fact, it remains one of my all-time “cult favorites” from the last console generation. Like plenty of other great sleeper hits, Vanquish never really got the kind of attention or praise that I felt it truly … Read more