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Tangram Collection coming to Android and iOS devices

Tangram Collection

If you are addicted to puzzle games, Tangram Collection is a great option to have on your smartphone or tablet.

Tangram Collection is a new game from Error300 Games. It will be released on Android and iOS devices in less than a week. Tangram Collection challenges you with non-traditional problem sets while also expanding your repertoire with this fresh take on the classic tangram puzzle.

The best option on smartphones for tangram fans

A tangram is a type of puzzle that dates back to 19th-century China. These addicting puzzles require players to assemble different-shaped pieces known as tans to construct a basic image in which all parts have to be utilized and cannot overlap. Tangrams have become a worldwide hit among puzzle aficionados as a consequence of their exquisite puzzle structure.

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Tangrams have gone a long way since their first appearance on the global stage, with current versions created in addition to the initial set of seven problems. The Tangram Collection expands on it, providing players searching for the next stage in the growth of tangrams with welcome diversity.

Tangram Collection is one of the greatest alternatives for tangram lovers as well as anyone who wants to get started in the realm of this Asian puzzle genre. The game features an appealing app design, hundreds of various layouts accessible, and highly straightforward gameplay.

Tangram Collection will be released on Android via Google Play and iOS via the App Store on November 9, 2021.

Watch the launch trailer down below!