Cupid Parasite out now on Nintendo Switch

Cupid Parasite

Help five guys improve their love life in Idea Factory’s new romantic comedy otome Cupid Parasite.

Less than a month after we talked about the addition of two more characters to Idea Factory’s new game here on Game Freaks 365, the Japanese firm revealed that Cupid Parasite – its new game for Nintendo Switch – is now available in both digital and physical form in North America.

Help these five unlucky lovers

Cupid Corporation, located in the affluent, avant-garde metropolis of Los Angeles, is a daring marriage agency noted for its elegance and success rate.

Lynette Mirror, our heroine, is Cupid Corporation’s top bridal adviser, advising trendy bachelors on how to make their greatest amorous fantasies come true. All of this will be true because Lynette has a great secret up her sleeve that no one knows about: she is none other than Cupid, Celestia’s Goddess of Love.

Lynette is sent to the Human Kingdom on a celestial “matchmaking” mission, where she faces her most difficult challenge yet: the infamous Parasite 5. Lynette and her team devise the ideal matchmaking strategy to assist these five desperate people in finding true love, which may be Reality TV.

Help the 5 parasites find true love through practice dates where through quizzes, conversations, activities, and more you can help these guys find the love of their lives. What are you waiting for to step into Lynette’s shoes in this new romantic comedy from Idea Factory?

Cupid Parasite is already available for Nintendo Switch here in the US market, and you can get your hands on the physical game at Playasia‘s website. Unexpectedly, the release of the game for the European audience has suffered a small delay until November 5.

Watch the opening trailer of Cupid Parasite down below!

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