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Tank Beat, First Tank Shooter on Nintendo DS Ships in March

O3 Entertainment today announced that Tank Beat, the first mechanized tank shooter for the Nintendo DS, is scheduled to launch in March. Featuring three different game play modes, Tank Beat is a touch based action battle game that drives the player through each battle in a variety of tanks against armored, airborne, and sea opponents. Playable in single or multi player modes, Tank Beat is a must for tank battle enthusiasts. “Tank Beat is an exciting mechanized armor action game,” said Mike Pepe, Product Manager O3 Entertainment. “The tanks are great to control and you quickly find a favorite. Multiplayer adds a lot to the game as the chaos of tank battle unfolds around you.”

Developed by Milestone, Tank Beat is entirely stylus-based. As you draw tracks and fire on the DS’s bottom screen game map, your tank appears and responds on the top screen. Players engage in a variety of missions and commandeer a full range of tanks: from tiny scrappers, to missile carriers, to giant Panzers. The game will ship with three modes: Story, Skirmish, and Battle. In single player Story Mode, players progress through 27 levels of play and unlock various tanks as they achieve objectives. Skirmish Mode allows players to practice on any of the maps and tanks that were unlocked in Story Mode plus additional exclusive levels. Free-for-all Battle Mode pitches up to 4 players against each other in either wireless head to head action or via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

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