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The Best Easter Eggs in Games

These are some of the best Easter eggs in video games. This list includes easter eggs from older games and newer releases. However, we are limiting the list to games released in the past 15 years.

An Easter Egg is something put in games and other media by developers as secrets. They’re well hidden in many games and attentive players may find them.

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The Heart of Liberty – Grand Theft Auto IV

The Best Easter Eggs in Games

The Statue of Liberty is one of the main attractions in Liberty City. You can reach the small island, which is named Happiness Island, by helicopter. You must eject the helicopter and fall to the upper area of the Statue. This is a balcony which cannot be accessed in any other way. Run around and look around, and you’ll find a sign that says “No Hidden Content This Way”. That’s a very bad lie because you can just go through a door there, without even opening it. You’ll then see a ladder. Climb it and you’ll encounter this creepy yet fascinating easter egg. A beating heart is chained to the walls of the statue. There are even arteries. This place is not connected to any mission and there are no further secrets that are linked to this. But it’s one of the most intriguing easter eggs in gaming.

Killer Croc – Batman Arkham City

The Best Easter Eggs in Games

Killer Croc is more or less a major character in the Batman Arkham games. He made an appearance in Arkham Asylum, the first game of the franchise. But he doesn’t appear in the sequel, Arkham City. This is odd because Dr Hugo Strange had taken steps to imprison as many supervillains as possible in this massive prison. You can hear stories about this humanoid predator while exploring the world. After completing a certain segment in the story, you must activate a switch using a remote Batarang. I’ll not spoil anything because this game is too good to be spoiled. After you trigger the switch, you can explore a certain area to meet up with the Croc. By “meet up” I really mean get jumped by him.

Megaton Sniper – Fallout 3

The first major settlement you arrive in Fallout 3 is Megaton. Which is named after the huge nuke in the middle of the town, but that’s a topic for another time. You can see a guardsman up in a tower, but there is no way to reach him. It’s a mystery how he got up there. If you decide to use console commands to teleport you there, he’ll have something to say.

The more time I spend talking to you, the less I’m spending watching for Raiders. How the hell did you get up here, anyway?

Stockholm, the sniper of Megaton

The Underwater Hatch – Grand Theft Auto V

Because of their popularity, I’m sure many of you know of the UFO and the Ghost Lady of GTA V. This Underwater Hatch is one of my favourites in the game. Finding it can be a bit tricky and honestly, there’s no reward for finding it. Many people believe that it’s a nod to the TV Show “Lost”. While it’s up for our interpretation why this hatch is here or what even is it, it would’ve been much more immersive if Rockstar put more attention into making the game’s secrets more compelling.

The Man-made Mutant – Red Dead Redemption 2

While exploring the wet and cold region of Van Horn, you may come across an abandoned house with two floors. There is no way to enter the residence in any lawful ways, nor in conventional ways. You have to climb up to the roof of the ground floor, and then get in through a window. The room you enter is very creepy. There are specimens and test subjects of various body parts of animals. And there are notes explaining the making of a mutant. Of course, the main attraction of this odd room is the mutant, which is immobile and apparently dead. As you can observe in the picture, it’s truly grotesque.

The Lady of the Lake – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Best Easter Eggs in Games

As you can probably understand, this easter egg is a very clear nod to the Lady of the Lake in the legend of King Arthur. The sword the skeletal hand is holding represents Excalibur, but unfortunately, this sword is far inferior to that of the legend. It would’ve been cooler if the weapon is highly powerful or enchanted. But still, this is a really nice touch. You can pick this sword up, and that results in the skeletal hand crumbling.

2077 – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Best Easter Eggs in Games

After finding everyone’s beloved Ashen-haired lass, she has a lot of stories to tell. In a very serious mood, she tells Geralt about a world she travelled to (She’s the lady of space and time and can travel between worlds). Firstly, she tells Geralt that he wouldn’t believe her, but continues. Ciri had seen people having metal (cybernetics) in them, and they battled with stuff like megascopes (guns). While the game is from 2015, Cyberpunk 2077 was announced by then, and this easter egg is a very nice touch. But as Ciri said at first, Geralt doesn’t take her seriously.

Ghostly Figures – Dear Esther

The Best Easter Eggs in Games

Dear Esther is a game with little to do, and you can finish it in about five hours. The point of this game is not obvious. It’s an odd game, and the main thing to do is walk. It can be a boring experience for some, but it has its charms. There are many surreal moments throughout the game. And the ghostly figures all around the game are creepy examples. You can see them in the distance, and they can be hard to spot. What they’re doing is mysterious, and why they exist is an unanswered question.

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