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The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Games Worth Playing

These are some of the cheapest Nintendo Switch games worth playing. Take “cheapest” with a grain of salt because some of the games on this list actually cost more than $10. I will include the best games you can buy for your Nintendo Switch that are under $20. Unfortunately, many games on the Nintendo eShop are somewhat pricey in comparison to, say, Steam games.

A Short Hike

The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Games Worth Playing

This is a game that I often include in my articles just because of how calming and relaxing it is. As the name implies, the game is not a long one. It’s open-ended and set in a mountainous area.

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The main part of the gameplay focuses on hiking, climbing, and gliding through these beautiful areas. There are no objective markers that point you to a definite location and you’re free to explore this mountainous island in any way you like. The soundtrack matches the overall theme of the game splendidly and makes the game what it is. Plus, it only costs $7.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

Stardew Valley

The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Games Worth Playing

Like A Short Hike, Stardew Valley is also a game that’s relaxing and wholesome. Except it can potentially offer you more than one hundred hours of playtime. Its world is not extraordinarily big, but it’s richly detailed and packed with great side content and secrets to find.

This is a prime example of a small but near-perfect video game world. The art style of the game resembles a retro game like an old Pokemon game or a Legend of Zelda game. At first glance, it’s a farming simulator. But as you play through, you’ll understand that it’s a lot more than that. There’s even a dungeon for you to engage in battle, and various weapons to unlock.

Hollow Knight

This indie game is one of the best of its kind. It’s a Souls-like action platformer that’s set in an exceptionally beautiful world. The combat and the platforming of Hollow Knight are incredibly smooth and perfectly tuned. As you’d expect from a good Souls-like, Hollow Knight‘s lore is deep and complex.

There are a lot of bosses to fight and areas to explore in this open-ended masterpiece. This is a must-play game, in my opinion. You can even play this for free with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic

This is a very old but very respected game among veteran gamers and critics. Developed by BioWare, it’s a masterclass in the RPG genre. While its gameplay and combat would certainly benefit greatly with substantial improvements, the story and the choice-based progression system are where it’s at.

Despite being a very old game, there still are tons of players replaying this masterpiece just because there aren’t any Star Wars RPGs that are as good as KOTOR 1 and 2. You can get it for $15 on Switch and $10 on PC.


The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Games Worth Playing

This indie game is praised for its distinct visual style that resembles old cartoons and its fast-paced and smooth combat that’s quite challenging. It’s a linear game that offers you multiple levels to progress and complete. Combat and precise traversing are the main elements of the gameplay loop of Cuphead.

Despite depicting a cartoonish and apparently child-friendly art style, there are some horror elements as well. Mainly, the design of many bosses is bizarre and somewhat scary. All of these elements and more combine to make Cuphead a masterpiece of modern indie gaming.

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