What is Deathroot in Elden Ring?

What is Deathroot in Elden Ring? And why does the Beast Clergyman love to consume them? In this Elden Ring lore article, let’s attempt to learn what we can about this odd item that’s closely related to Death.

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They’re located in Catacombs, mostly

What is Deathroot in Elden Ring?

Many of the Deathroot you can find are within Catacombs all around the Lands Between. By defeating the final boss of these dungeons or seeking out containers that are placed in certain locations, you can find these items. But why are they so prominent in these Catacombs?

Well, you can straightaway tell that Catacombs are directly related to Death. It’s in these eerie and dark underground dungeons where many warriors and other persons of interest take their final rest. Also, you may have noticed how the arenas of the final bosses of these catacombs have a bunch of odd-looking roots around. Other than the big bunch of roots that are quite noticeable, you may also have found that there are roots all over the floors as well. These roots are those of the Greattree.

What is the Greattree?

Greattree Roots, infested by the Rune of Death.

Well, this is a rather difficult question to answer because there aren’t many sources that directly tell you what the Greattree is. But I do think that it will be present in the upcoming expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree. The parasitic tree that covers the Erdtree in its artwork could be the Greattree. There’s something called the Crucible within Elden Ring’s lore, and it holds primordial powers. Crucible Knights are directly associated with the Crucible and thus, the Greattree. The Greattree could also be the Erdtree itself, except in its ancient and primordial form.

What is Deathroot in Elden Ring?
The giant parasitic tree wrapped around the Erdtree could be the Greattree, or a giant Deathroot.

The reason why you can find Root Resin in many dungeons is also that they are directly connected to the roots of the Greattree. As told by the item description of Root Resins, these are resins secreted from the Greattree’s roots.

How Godwyn’s death caused the birth of the Deathroots

What is Deathroot in Elden Ring?

After Godwyn perished in the Night of the Black Knights, the Rune of Death spread into the roots of the Greattree and enabled the birth of Deathroots. These were like a virus or a parasite, and they made those who rested in the Catacombs walk again as Those Who Live in Death.

Why does the Beast Clergyman devour them?

What is Deathroot in Elden Ring?

As you may know by now, the Beast Clergyman is Maliketh, the Black Blade, and he’s the one who guards the Rune of Death. When he eats these Deathroots, his hunger that knows no bound satiates only a little. You can weed out all the Deathroot in the Lands Between but the Beast Clergyman won’t be satisfied then either.


So, in conclusion, these are the roots of the Greattree that became infested with the Rune of Death after Godwyn died.