The Cool Kids and DeuxMetresCubes make interactive hip-hop world in Minecraft

The Cool Kids

The Chicago pair The Cool Kids have teamed up with the French group DeuxMetresCubes to create an interactive Minecraft world where fans may experience the upcoming album Before Shit Got Weird.

Songs will be brought to life and gamified as the soundtrack for missions and mini-games across the meta-verse. Quests will allow players to uncover snippets of previously unreleased music and experience previously released tracks, which will play alongside corresponding mini-games such as racing alongside friends in a classic lowrider, visiting the Dapper Dan Harlem shop, and arranging their own villa by customizing walls, ceilings, and floors.

DeuxMetresCubes is a French group that provides activities on numerous video games, such as Minecraft, both online and in live events. They utilized a total of five builders who logged more than 500 hours of construction, four developers who logged more than 75 hours of development, and a total of 8 million blocks laid to produce a surface area of 1.65 million blocks.

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The world, which was created in answer to the pandemic, allows gamers to experience what Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks have been up to independently and together throughout their time in lockdown. Players will get an intimate peek at what Chuck has been working on for his solo LP Chill Out by visiting Downtown Los Angeles.

Players will hear how Sir Michael Rocks’ sound has grown in his solo section of the record, Baby Oil Staircase, after a brief journey in a vintage lowrider to an exquisite vineyard. The universe is intended to provide a glimpse into the future while retaining the duo’s vintage vibe in a post-COVID-19 reality.

Minecraft’s lovers, fans of The Cool Kids and hip-hop can visit the world here and live an incredible experience.