The Fabius Maximus update brings Dia de los Muertos event to Humankind

Humankind Dia de los Muertos

In addition to the content of the Fabius Maximus update, this November we will experience an incredible in-game event to celebrate the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos.

Amplitude Studios announced today that, in addition to the new update Fabius Maximus, which is primarily aimed at improving the gameplay experience, Humankind will receive a one-of-a-kind limited-time event in which we will all celebrate Dia de los Muertos. In this new event, we will be able to celebrate this unique Mexican tradition.

Time to connect with our ancestors

These events will give you a variety of challenges to fulfill across numerous chapters that will be unlocked over the event. Not only will this provide you with new and sometimes strange objectives to pursue in your games, but it will also allow you to unlock unique personalization options ranging from symbols and frames to whole avatars.

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Amplitude Studios intends to have a number of events in the future, but for the first one in November, they want to emphasize Dia de los Muertos. Therefore, the challenges for this initial event are focused around religion, celebration, and Mesoamerican cultures, notably Mexican culture.

This event will feature two chapters, the second of which will be unlocked alongside the first on November 16. For each chapter you complete, you will gain some empire emblem modification possibilities. If you finish both chapters, you’ll get three symbols and frames on top of Catrina’s image. The following tasks may be found in the first chapter, which begins today:

  • Festival: As Mexico, complete 20 Public Festival Ceremonies.
  • Federal District: Have a city with at least 300 inhabitants.
  • World Faith: Be the religious leader of all Empires in one game.

The Fabius Maximus upgrade, as well as the new limited-time event, are now free in Humankind. The game is now available for PC, Mac, Google Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Watch the trailer from the new limited time event of Humankind down below!

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