The Last of Us Part I delayed on PC

After the success of the HBO series “The Last of Us”, Naughty Dog wants to offer the best possible PC version.

Naughty Dog has had a busy few months. Over the past year, the company has had several projects in the works related to The Last of Us. The HBO series is based on the first game, the multiplayer project based on the TLOU universe, the possible PC version of TLOU Part II, and the soon-to-be-released PC version of TLOU Part I. Therefore, they have taken a very important decision to ensure that everything goes perfectly.

Naughty Dog has had to take the decision to delay a little the release of TLOU Part I. For the first time, The Last of Us will come to PC and Naughty Dog takes this as a very important milestone for the company. Therefore, they thought it would be best to delay it until March.

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A justified delay

Since the announcement of the PC version in June of last year, Naughty Dog knew the work ahead. Being such a demanding public, the arrival of one of the most important stories of the video game industry on PC must be done in the right way. Therefore, Naughty Dog has spent time and effort in polishing this edition to the maximum to avoid future problems.

Even so, the time frame they set was more than enough for this version to become a reality. However, the popularity of the first episodes of the HBO adaptation has made many more gamers (especially PC gamers) want to play the original story for the first time. Therefore, Naughty Dog knows that they have to make sure that every detail of the game comes out perfectly.

To ensure this, the Naughty Dog team has announced via Twitter that the PC version of TLOU Part I will be delayed until March 28th. In the image of the tweet, they express “… and we realize many of you have been excited to jump in — some for the first time — when Part I hits PC,” referring to the desire of PC gamers to play the version.

“These additional few weeks will allow us to ensure this version of The Last of Us lives up to your, and our, standards,” they added.

As we always say here at Game Freaks 365, it is preferable to see a delay instead of having a bad version of the game. Besides, the wait for the release is not that long. So we look forward to the release of this version so we can enjoy the story of TLOU as we have never done before.

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