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The Most Boring Video Games

These are some of the most boring and monotonous video games in the history of gaming. Keep in mind that there are people who enjoy these, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The entries on this list are subjective and are not factual. Merely, these are games that many gamers agree are boring and simply time-consuming. We’re also going to focus on big-budget games since there are too many boring and uninspiring low-budget games to count.

Mafia III

The Most Boring Games

Like all the other Mafia games, Mafia III has a brilliant story and memorable characters. And unlike the previous entry, Mafia II, this game’s gunplay feels much more fluid and satisfying. But what prevents many players from completing the game is the extremely repetitive gameplay. It has you doing the same thing, over and over again. Despite the game being “open world” there are no side activities and the world is bland. The only reason to play this mediocre game is its story, but I doubt anyone would be able to justify its extremely monotonous gameplay loop.

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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

The Most Boring Games

While the previous entry, Ghost Recon: Wildlands was a decent enough game, its sequel, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint completely shattered expectations. It was set in a huge open world with the same repetitive side activities that served little purpose to the terrible storyline. Mediocrity like this is not unexpected from a Ubisoft game but Breakpoint was utterly horrendous. Its shooting mechanics were okay and it looks great (as are many Ubisoft titles) but those are some of the very few good parts of this game.

Metal Gear Survive

This Metal Gear game was made without the franchise’s mastermind, Hideo Kojima. And it was a major failure. The open world was bland, empty, and downright boring to explore. It’s mainly multiplayer and there are zombies to fight. Zombies, in a Metal Gear game. There’s no compelling story or memorable characters and Survive is a disdain to the iconic franchise name of Metal Gear.

Far Cry 6

While Far Cry 6 is certainly not downright bad or terrible, it’s still quite boring. Ubisoft’s gameplay formula seemed like it was going to take a turn that will make the experience much more dynamic and consistent with the announcement of Far Cry 6. While they certainly improved some aspects of the game (or rather, included good elements from previous Far Cry games), the huge, beautiful but bland open world has extremely repetitive missions.

Meanwhile, the gunplay has seen only a degree of improvement, and the enemy AI is terrible. Far Cry 6 delivers the typical Ubisoft experience: a boring, mediocre story with monotonous gameplay set in a huge but bland open world. It gets tiring to explore this huge map really quickly, and many players will not stop to admire the scenery.


Now, I have mentioned GreedFall in some other lists of mine and I’ve talked about how good of an RPG it is. Those points still stand. GreedFall’s RPG mechanics are very good. Its lore is very interesting, and the game world is beautiful and quaint. This is by no means, a bad game. In fact, I would recommend playing this to any RPG fan who liked games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Dragon Age.

But the goodness of this game doesn’t eliminate its boring nature. Its quests can be very tedious, but they tell good stories (most of the time) and uncover information about the game world and lore. So, in a way, we can justify the boring nature of its quests.

What we cannot justify is its extremely monotonous combat system and the fact that you’ll have to run from one point of the map to another point on the corner of the map just to deliver a letter. The lack of a steed or a decent enough fast-travel system makes the game very boring. Those are the reasons why many people may be put off.

What do you think are the most boring video games? Let us know!