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The Parallel Worlds of Dragon’s Dogma

While the Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen doesn’t strictly specify this, there are multiple parallel worlds or universes present in the game. The information we have on these worlds is little, and that may be because of the game’s incomplete nature I’ve talked about in my previous articles.

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However, we will disregard that fact and try to learn more about the parallel worlds of Dragon’s Dogma in this essay.

The Rift

The first subject we need to talk about is the Rift. We don’t get to explore the Rift in its entirety in the game. Instead, we can only contact Pawns from various other worlds and summon them to our service. Appearance-wise, a bluish ‘mist’ covers the Rift and you can only access this tiny part of it by interacting with a Riftstone.

Because the Rift is more or less the home of Pawns, they often comment how they feel better when a Riftstone is in the vicinity. As we summon many Pawns that belong to other players, the first assumption we can make is that the other worlds linked to the Rift are none other than the game worlds of many other players throughout the world.

That makes a lot of sense gameplay-wise. But is that really all there is to the Rift?

An Infinite Number of Worlds

“The Pawns exist astride the Rift. They speak of a multitude of worlds, each infinite unto itself.” – Seneschal

Perhaps, the best evidence we have of worlds that are far different from those all the Arisen ones live in is the appearance of extremely dangerous and otherworldly monsters after defeating the Dragon.


The Everfall which lies underneath Gran Soren is linked to the Rift, and this is where these terror-inducing monsters are most prominent. After defeating the Dragon, a huge part of Gran Soren collapses and it reveals the Everfall.

We don’t clearly know if this is an occurrence that happens after any Arisen defeats the Dragon, though. But we can assume the multitude of monsters that only exist in places like the Bitterblack Isle arrived from some other worlds.

The Ur-Dragon

Perhaps the most intriguing and important beast that offers us insight into the other worlds is the Ur-Dragon. Its name says that this monster is a primordial beast that may have appeared even before the world came to be.

And the most fascinating part about him is how he exists in many worlds simultaneously. Or rather, the chamber he appears in – the Chamber of Lament- is a place where many worlds are interconnected.

Because of this, any Arisen can fight the Ur-Dragon in this chamber in their world and observe that the progress they made to chip away at the beast’s immense health is permanent and it applies in every single world. In this, defeating the Ur-Dragon is a collaborative action by many Arisens in many worlds.

In conclusion, while we don’t know everything about the parallel worlds of Dragon’s Dogma, there are occasions when you can sort of interact with them. Namingly, summoning pawns at Riftstones and engaging the Ur-Dragon in battle.

The World of Dragon’s Dogma II

The Parallel Worlds of Dragon’s Dogma

This is purely speculation, but there is a possibility that Dragon’s Dogma II will be set in a parallel world or universe. That would be a great lore explanation for why we didn’t hear of Vermund and Battahl in the first game.

I believe that DDII will be set after the events of Dragon’s Dogma 1, making it a sequel. That also explains why we never heard the stories of the alleged Arisen that is the Sovran of Vermund.

But if this game is indeed set in another world that’s different from DD1’s – for example, a world where those dreaded creatures arrived from in DD1’s ending – it’s not unreasonable to assume that the game will be a prequel.

Of course, nothing is confirmed yet, and we will be intrigued by the game until further information is released.