The Pokemon Company Donates $200K to Black Lives Matter, NAACP

The Pokemon Company Black Lives Matter statement

The Pokemon Company has made a public statement directly addressing recent events and worldwide protests over the murder of George Floyd. The Pokemon creators followed up with a $200,000 pledge in support of both the Black Lives Matter movement and the NAACP, with a $100K donation for both groups.

Additionally, Niantic – who developed Pokemon Go – has pledged all of its proceeds from the upcoming “Pokemon Go Fest” event within the mobile game headed toward black game creators and non-profit organizations. They pledge a minimum $5 million donation split between game creators and organizations focused on rebuilding local communities.

In its own statement, The Pokemon Company notes that equality and friendship have always been major pillars of the Pokemon brand. The company adds that “there is no place for oppression within our community.”

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The company is just another major name among countless others to make statements, donations, and other forms of support. Mass protests and other demonstrations have broken out all over America following Floyd’s murder, with even more events and protests being held in major cities overseas.

A Minneapolis police officer held his knee against Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Video shows Floyd pleading for his life multiple times as nearby officers did nothing to help him. His murder is just the latest case of an unarmed black man dying at the hands of the police.

The officer was originally charged with third-degree murder after a massive public outcry. His charge was elevated to second-degree murder just a few days later after Minnesota’s attorney general took over the case. Finally, after days of sustained protests and rioting, the three other officers present at the scene were charged for their involvement.

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