The promised Nier: Automata upgrade on Steam is long overdue

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Nier: Automata Steam

Four years after its launch, Nier: Automata is finally getting an upgrade patch on Steam.

The Nier Twitter account announced on April 13 that an upgrade patch for the Steam version of Nier: Automata is currently in development. People have been asking for this for years now. Many fans are annoyed because it took so long.

The Steam version has long had issues

Nier: Automata was released on PC in 2017 along with the PlayStation 4 version, but the PC version was considered poor. The game had many hiccups making some players resort to installing unofficial mods that improve the experience. The mods were made only after a week of the release of the official Steam version.

Fans report that the Steam Version has massive framerate issues on PC. The framerate is locked at 60fps and at 900p max resolution; those are some of the main issues without even talking about bugs that can cost you hours of playtime. 

Nier Automata Steam review

Xbox Game Pass got an enhanced PC version

Neither Platinum Games nor Square Enix seemed interested in updating the game on Steam. Last March, Nier: Automata arrived on Xbox Game Pass. That version added HDR support, FidelityFX, full-screen borderless image, and interface improvements, in addition to reducing the number of bugs and crashes.

The fact that the enhanced version was exclusive to Xbox Game Pass and the Microsoft Store did not please buyers of the game on Steam, who saw that there was no excuse for Square Enix not to update the copy on Valve’s store. The reaction was not long in the making, and the game suffered a review bombing of negative scores on Steam.


We can expect that the upgraded version to be released for Steam will share many changes with the version currently available for Game Pass. You should also expect it to fix many small bugs that affect players playing the vanilla version of Nier: Automata every day. Hopefully, the patch will come sooner than later. After all, four years is long enough.