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Third New Pokemon From Black and White 2 Revealed

The announcement of the new Pokemon games – Black and White 2 – was exciting, but left fans of the series wanting some more details about the first pair of sequels in the franchise’s history. What better way to remedy the situation than reveal another one of the brand-new monsters?

Pokemon Black and White 2 - Meloetta

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Meet Meloetta, the third Pokemon from Black and White 2 to be announced by Nintendo. Black Kyruem and White Kyruem were revealed yesterday in an official teaser. Apparently, Meloetta can be spotted on the poster for Pokemon the Movie 15, and despite its feminine appearance, joins the likes of Ditto as a genderless Pokemon.

Thinking more about its name/appearance, music is obviously a theme – it makes me wonder why Nintendo didn’t go with a “Sound-type” as a new type in the Pokemon series. Hardcore fans speculated about this long before Black and White originally came out, but no new types were actually introduced.

We will fill you in with more information about Pokemon Black and White 2 as it is revealed. Since its official release in Japan is June, you can expect to know everything about the game before too long.