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To the Moon lands on Nintendo Switch

The story-driven indie adventure game To the Moon is out today on Switch via the Nintendo eShop.

First released on PC in 2011 and built using RPG Maker XP, To the Moon tells a powerful story about two doctors who travel back in time through an ailing man’s memories. They help to fulfill his dying wish to go to the moon.

Most of the game is told through what amount to a series of flashbacks throughout the main character’s life. The gameplay is simple with the goal of finding important objects and extracting energy from the objects in order to connect more dots from the past.

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To the Moon mixes adventure game elements with the style of a classic RPG. Unlike the original, the Switch version has been rebuilt using Unity. It retails for $11.99, but it is available for $9.59 for the first two weeks.

If you’re fine playing the PC version, it’s on sale right now too. Humble Store has it discounted to $2.49 for the next week.