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Trash Quest is a cute Metroidvania coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles

Trash Quest

In the adorable new Metroidvania Trash Quest, you play as a raccoon. The indie developer promises to challenge even the most experienced players.

Independent developer Francis Vace and publisher Red Deer Games have announced Trash Quest, a new pixelated Metroidvania. Put yourself in the shoes of a raccoon and enjoy one of the most difficult Metroidvanias available.

Trash Quest takes place aboard the Deliverance space station. The team has just recently begun preparing for the long trek to Tau Ceti. You play as a raccoon who is indifferent about the intricate defensive systems, a raccoon who just cares about digging his dirty hands into the station’s rubbish, which is what this fluffy critter enjoys most in this space adventure.

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Not everything is as easy as it seems

As you smash terrible robots and take on strong monsters, you’ll be exploring a linked maze of space station quarters. The complexity of defeating foes grows progressively as the game advances, but the more comfortable you get with the mechanics, the simpler it will be to overcome them.

And that’s not all; we won’t be using checkpoints throughout our trip, which will complicate things to unanticipated degrees. The game’s progress is automatically stored. Every time you die, you resurrect at the same spot of appearance. Any power-ups, abilities, or shortcuts you’ve unlocked, on the other hand, will stay.

Trash Quest is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S Series this December.

Watch the trailer of the game down below!