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Turn-based strategy game Angels on Tanks launches today on Steam Early Access

Angels on Tanks

The strategy game Angels on Tanks is out today on Steam Early Access with a 35 percent launch discount.

The Steam Early Access release brings the game into the hands of supporters who backed its Kickstarter campaign. The developer, Ninju Games, is planning a physical release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

Angels on Tanks is a turn-based strategy game that combines tactical combat with card collection and light RPG elements. The game is presented in an anime style and looks reminiscent of the Game Boy Advance classic Advance Wars.

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According to Ninju, the game offers more than 40 hours of gameplay across a vast campaign mode. You’ll take command of troops in turn-based warfare. Players can also unlock up to 97 different officers and commanders, each with their own special power.

My Take

Angels on Tanks appears to at least attempt a throwback to the Game Boy Advance era. The gameplay looks similar to Nintendo’s GBA strategy game, Advance Wars. On that front, it looks to have met the mark.