Project Zomboid is an addictive zombie apocalypse simulator

Project Zomboid has become such an addiction of mine, and maybe not only for me, as I’ve seen that it has garnered a lot of recognition over the years, including from fans. It is just such a – how should I put it? – complete experience. The one and only objective is to survive, and … Read more

Settlement Survival leaving Steam Early Access, officially launching October 24

The low poly city builder Settlement Survival is about to leave Steam Early Access. After a hugely successful Early Access period, Banished-inspired Settlement Survival has received sweeping additions to its scope and depth since it arrived on Steam a year ago. Cozy building meets natural disasters as you construct your dream settlement in this city … Read more

Those Who Came: Healing Solarus launches on Steam next week

Those Who Came: Healing Solarus is set to launch on Steam. After almost a year on Steam Early Access, Those Who Came: Healing Solarus is about to officially launch. The indie game from Rolldbox Games has a unique twist: non-violence. As you may recall when we reported on it last year, Those Who Came is … Read more

Indie Metroidvania Haak launches on Steam this week

The Metroidvania action-platformer Haak is leaving Steam Early Access. Indie developer Blingame and OKJOY have announced that Haak is about to launch on PC via Steam. “Start your adventure in Haak by exploring the desolate wastelands. You may face the threat of mysterious organizations entrenched in this apocalyptic world. Take them down, solve the mysteries, and … Read more

Backpack Hero is a game about inventory management

Backpack Hero is basically a packrat’s dream game. You could probably safely say that you never thought that there would be a game about inventory management. Then along comes Backpack Hero. Yes, this roguelike will have you jump into dungeons and collect epic loot, but you’ll also need to keep it organized. That’s actually the … Read more

Serious Fun Football launches on Steam Early Access

Serious Fun Football is out now on Steam Early Access. Fans of soccer looking for a more casual experience may want to check out Serious Fun Football, which just launched on Steam Early Access. According to the indie developer behind the game, Serious Fun Football offers real ball physics, realistic character movement, “sophisticated” AI, and … Read more

Voltage High Society is a retro-inspired 3D Metroidvania

Indie developer Platonic Partnerships has announced the upcoming release of Voltage High Society. Voltage High Society is a 3D first-person Metroidvania. This ’90s-inspired cyberpunk horror game features Metroidvania gameplay mechanics. Expect a “modern retro puncher influenced by movies like Tetsuo The Iron Man and Escape From New York.” “Voltage High Society takes you on a journey where you are … Read more

Microids is publishing the turn-based RPG Noob: The Factionless

Microids and Olydri Games have announced a co-publishing agreement for Noob: The Factionless. Noob: The Factionless is a turn-based RPG set in the universe of Noob. The franchise was created in 2008 by Fabien Fournier and Anne-Laure Jarnet, recounting the comical adventures of a team of newbie players in a fictional MMORPG called Horizon. The game has you … Read more

Leap launches new modding tools

Players can now create mods in Leap. Modders can now play around and create to their heart’s content as Canadian indie developer Blue Isle Studios has launched modding tools for the team-based first-person shooter Leap. “The LEAP Design Works update brings endless opportunities for community content through new modding features allowing fans to modify virtually anything … Read more

Core Keeper The Sunken Sea update out now

Sandbox mining adventure Core Keeper just got its first major content update. Set sail into uncharted waters and defeat a colossal sea monster in Core Keeper’s ‘The Sunken Sea’ update, available to download today. Available as a free update to all Core Keeper players, ‘The Sunken Sea’ is the first major content update for the hit mining sandbox adventure. The … Read more

Hardspace: Shipbreaker blasts out of Early Access

Space-salvaging sandbox game Hardspace: Shipbreaker has officially launched on PC. According to Blackbird Interactive and Focus Entertainment, the 1.0 version on PC is finally here and ready to employ all players in a thrilling and one-of-a-kind space career. The game is fresh out of Steam Early Access after nearly two years of community involvement. Experience … Read more

Dune: Spice Wars Early Access roadmap revealed

Dune: Spice Wars has a new Early Access roadmap. Dune: Spice Wars launched in Early Access in April. Based on Frank Herbert’s seminal novel Dune, this real-time strategy game with 4X elements is set on the legendary desert planet of Arrakis. Now Funcom and developer Shiro Games hope to keep the spice flowing with new … Read more

Leap is coming soon to Steam Early Access

You’ll jump into 60-player battles in this new FPS from the creators of Slender: The Arrival. Blue Isle Studios, an indie developer, has announced that the multiplayer first-person shooter Leap is coming to PC through Steam Early Access on June 1. Leap aims to reintroduce FPS enthusiasts to future settings and gameplay in enormous battles … Read more

Dark Quest: Board Game launches on Steam Early Access

The digital board game Dark Quest is out now on Steam Early Access. Dark Quest: Board Game is described as a roguelike adventure board game. Players build a party, draw adventure cards, roll dice, and fight monsters to defeat the sorcerer and his magic. “You start the game at hero camp where you must create … Read more

Warstride Challenges gameplay overview trailer debuts

Dream Powered Games and Focus Entertainment have released a new gameplay overview trailer for Warstride Challenges. Warstride Challenges is a high-octane, fast-paced first-person shooter. The new gameplay overview trailer shows off the wild ways you can shred demons with explosive weapons and abilities in this intensely fun speedrunning game that’s playable right now on Steam … Read more

Dark Quest: Board Game Steam Early Access release date announced

Tabletop lovers will want to check out Dark Quest: Board Game. The roguelike adventure game Dark Quest: Board Game was just announced. The game is launching on Steam Early Access next month. Described as a roguelike adventure board game, players build a party, draw adventure cards, roll dice, and fight monsters to defeat the sorcerer … Read more

Hardspace: Shipbreaker release date announced

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is blasting out of Steam Early Access. Blackbird Interactive and Focus Entertainment have announced that after nearly two years of regular content additions, the 1.0 version will officially release in May. The sandbox spaceship-salvaging game is coming to PC via Steam, the Microsoft Store, and PC Game Pass. RELATED STORY: Hardspace: Shipbreaker adds … Read more