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Video Game Lofi: Kingdom Hearts album now streaming, physical pre-orders open

Video Game Lofi: Kingdom Hearts album released

Curaga Records just released its newest album inspired by Tetsuya Nomura’s beloved Kingdom Hearts series.

Travel back to the good old PlayStation 2 days with the latest album from Curaga Records. Video Game LoFi: Kingdom Hearts includes ten chill tracks that will throw you right back to the early 2000s. In addition to the original game, it also includes music from Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts III.

Songs featured on the album include Face My Fears with vocalist Reven, Roxas with Save Point and flutist Tabitha Louise, and Dearly Beloved with Besso0 to name a few. Other artists that worked with lost:tree on this album are vocalists Nila, Eleviisa and Aleyna.

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“When making this album, I knew that it was going to be a challenge translating the music of Kingdom Hearts into a LoFi format,” says artist lost:tree. “This series and the music always has a special place in my heart ever since I was kid and it still means a lot to me now, so picking only 10 tracks to remix was really difficult for me.”


  1. Simple and Clean ft. Nila (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  2. Dearly Beloved (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  3. Face My Fears ft. Reven (from KINGDOM HEARTS III)
  4. Hollow Bastion (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  5. Traverse Town (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  6. Sora (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  7. Passion ft. Eleviisa (from KINGDOM HEARTS II)
  8. Roxas ft. Tabitha Louise (from KINGDOM HEARTS II)
  9. The Silent Forest (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
  10. Don’t Think Twice ft. Aleyna (from KINGDOM HEARTS III)

How to listen

Video Game LoFi: Kingdom Hearts is available to listen to right now on SpotifyApple Musicbandcamp and Deezer. Listeners that wish to hold the key to this album in their very hands can also pre-order the physical version on CD and cassette.

This is the latest video game-inspired album from Curaga Records. They previously released Video Game LoFi: NieR: Automata and Video Game LoFi: Pokémon.