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Wreckfest DLC adds tailfin, buggy, and bumper car

The Retro Rammers Car Pack is out now for Wreckfest, and boy does it look fun. The DLC adds a classic ’50s era American tailfin, a buggy, and a bumper car. Yeah, the kind that you find at an amusement park.

The three new cars are included with the Season Pass, which will see the release of twenty new cars, twenty special roof decorations, and “additional car customizations like armor, rims and more.”

The Wingman is a huge American classic tailfin car from the late 1950s. The Buggy is a classic European design with a rear engine. The Bumper Car is… a bumper car. It’s great for ramming!

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As Game Deals 365 reported earlier today, the Steam version of Wreckfest is 50% off for the next 14 hours. The PS4 and Xbox One versions just launched last month.

Check out the DLC trailer below: