The Ascent doesn’t have DLSS or ray-tracing on Xbox Game Pass (but the Steam version does)

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The Acent

Neon Giant is already hard at work on resolving the severe issue that players have discovered in The Ascent for Xbox Game Pass on PC.

The Ascent launched last Thursday. So, naturally, players on all three platforms have already had a chance to put this cyberpunk action RPG from developer Neon Giant and publisher Curve Digital to the test.

However, PC users have reported a bug that appears to impact just the Xbox Game Pass edition, which lacks both DLSS and ray-tracing. Gamers cannot utilize Nvidia’s DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, which allows video game resolutions to be upscaled using artificial intelligence. Ray-tracing also doesn’t work and is available in the Steam edition.

Another problem with an Xbox Game Pass build

The developer has previously responded to this issue, stating that they are trying to resolve it. Tor Frick, co-founder of the Swedish company behind The Ascent, stated on Neon Giant’s official Twitter account that the two versions are being worked on as quickly as feasible.

He also highlighted that the Steam and Xbox Game Pass versions are distinct. In other words, it is not only a change in digital stores but they were created using separate technological methods.

It is acknowledged that two separate builds of the game were developed due to how Xbox Game Pass is created, but it is not feasible to remove two features that most PC gamers need to obtain a true immersion in the game. We can only hope that the creators are able to resolve this issue so that all PC versions of The Ascent may be enjoyed in the same way.

The Ascent is now available on PC via Xbox Game Pass and Steam as well as both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.