Your dog could be in the BarkFest Dog Festival game

BarkFest Dog Festival' game

Simply submit a photo of your canine friend and they could appear in the game.

Everyone can have all kinds of pleasures in life – family, a stable job, gaming. Still, there’s nothing like having a doggy friend to keep you company day after day. Many consider our furry little friends family; dogs are undoubtedly the best friend of human beings.

To celebrate the companionship of our furry friends, the team behind High Score Wins Money is collaborating with Homes Fur All. Specifically, they are developing a game for the BarkFest Dog Festival. The best thing about it? Your dog can be a part of the game!

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A collaboration, with a great goal in mind

You may not be familiar with High Score Wins Money. It’s a website where you can play indie games and earn money with it. Yes, as you heard right. You can win money just by getting the high score of the day. But, besides this, the team behind the site is formed from different indie developers.

The team has contacted Homes Fur All, a non-profit organization that educates and spreads awareness that fostering saves lives. This organization is behind one of the best-known pet festivals in the US: the BarkFest Dog Festival. The festival, which will take place from June 24 to 26, brings a surprise in 2022: an indie game where pet dogs are the main characters.

Make your dog live forever in this Bark Fest Dog Festival game

The Homes Fur All team has shared that they are developing an original game for the Bark Fest Dog Festival. This game, which has no name yet, will have something very special. Dog owners who want their pets to be part of this game can fulfill their dream. Through a registration form, you can submit the name and photo of your dog.

By doing so, your dog could be one of those chosen to be part of the new game under development. For us video game fans, there is no better way to immortalize our best friends than this. If you want your dog to be part of the game, you can submit your photo here. Also, you can check out the High Score Wins Money website, where you can win $100 just by getting the daily high score on the website.