Dualsense mod for one-handed
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YouTuber creates PS5 DualSense mod for one-handed play

Dualsense mod for one-handed

Here’s an alternative for gamers who had to find their own way to play their favorite games.

Something that usually does not cross our minds when playing video games is how gamers who have certain physical limitations can play video games. These gamers have alternatives like the Xbox Adaptive Controller to play on PC and Xbox consoles, but when it comes to Sony things are a bit more complicated.

A talented modder

YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri, a modder of controllers and peripherals using 3D printer technology, recently posted a video of his new creation. It’s a PS5 DualSense controller mod for people with only one hand. With a clever design, this allows gamers to use their leg as a support to be able to use certain controls and buttons that normally, such gamers would not be able to use.

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Dualsense mod for one-handed

This design has been so ingenious that it has allowed the YouTuber to participate in the PrusaPrinters 3D Contest: Snap-On Controller Mods. It is the second most downloaded design of the competition, receiving not only the support of people with physical disabilities but also the press and people who saw the mod from his YouTube video.

It’s good to see that there are people like Akaki, helping more people to join the gaming community. We’ll keep this YouTuber under observation as he has commented that this design still has a lot of room for improvement. Meanwhile, this is as good a chance as ever to mention the fantastic non-profit AbleGamers.

Watch the mod presentation video down below!