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Zodiac Not Quite Dead

From our good friend, and staff member, Ortwin Regel:

Tapwave has stopped all Zodiac activities but that does not mean that the community does. Here are some recent developments:

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-An enhanced (multiplayer) version of Xploids can be downloaded for
free from http://www.littlegiantgames.com/ . However, if you like the
game consider donating some bucks via Paypal.
-nweb, a great webbrowser for the Zodiac, is back on sale at
http://www.nwebwireless.com/tapwave.htm .
-Vicious Bytes made their first commercial game, ZapEm, availiable for free. You can get it at http://viciousbytes.com/ .

It also appears that Hover Team Alpha, Phantom Strike and Think Tanks, possibly more games are still in development. Of course, open
source development and game development for all Palm OS devices continues with full strength. Maybe you should get a Zodiac before they are all gone?