American McGee’s Alice is becoming a TV series

American McGee's Alice

The showrunner of this TV show is well-known voice actor David Hayter.

We’re all familiar with Disney’s fantastic Alice in Wonderland adaption, but what if we told you that we preferred the gloomy journey in American McGee’s Alice? The creepy game was bought up by Radar Pictures this week, and a TV program with creator David Hayter was revealed.

Originally published in 2000 for PC and Mac, American McGee’s Alice allowed us to live a horror scenario, as Alice had been tortured in a mental institution and had to defeat the Queen of Hearts. Of course, this is a promising storyline that Radar Pictures hopes to depict in the TV show.

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Another video game adaptation for TV

American McGee, the game’s original creator, has indicated that “David Hayter brings imagination, experience and stealth skills acquired through successful missions in movies, television and video games, a unique combination that is sure to make this adventure in Wonderland a success for the franchise.”

And rightly so says McGee, as we are talking about the mythical Solid Snake’s English voice actor. Plus, Hayter was the screenwriter of the first two X-Men movies. Excited about his new role as showrunner, Hayter commented, “I’m beyond excited to bring this world of madness and wonder to a worldwide audience.”

Hopefully, all stakeholders will do an excellent job of conveying the core of the game in this upcoming TV show. It has the ingredients for a great show.

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