Rockstar confirms GTA 6

Rockstar upcoming GTA game

After almost nine years, Rockstar finally talks about their next game in the series.

Grand Theft Auto V is the most influential GTA game in the series. It deserves praise for the amount of creativity it has contributed to the genre, but at over eight years old, the game is already falling behind. To date, Rockstar has continued to bet on bringing it to all platforms, but after several demands from users, they have finally commented about the upcoming GTA game’s stage of development.

GTA V‘s release date has been confirmed for Xbox X Series, Xbox Series S, and PS5, but Rockstar Games has also revealed that GTA VI is already in production. The news was made public through a post on Rockstar’s site, although they expressly mentioned the anticipated GTA VI on Twitter.

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Why take so long?

We need to look at the figures to figure out what’s causing the delay. Take-Two Interactive announced that GTA V contributed more than 40% of the company’s total revenues. This has fueled Rockstar’s decision to keep betting on this game, which is plainly selling like hotcakes.

According to the company, they expect to be able to disclose more details in the future, but only when they are ready. We don’t know important details – including the platforms that it will appear on and even the game’s official name. As it stands, they’ve advised users to keep an eye on Rockstar Newswire for more official information.

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