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Arto demo out now on PC


Arto has officially released its first demo on Steam.

Players can now try the role-playing action-adventure game Arto. Indie developer Orion Games has released a brand new demo on Steam. Drawing inspiration from Okami and Hyper Light Drifter, the challenging third-person action experience is set in a warped world devoid of color.

As we have previously noted, Arto‘s visuals are stunning, ranging from pixel to pop-art and everything in between. Each of the game’s six worlds has its own distinct themes, gameplay styles, visual viewpoints, difficulties, and bosses.

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In Arto, players will have a large armory of weaponry to choose from as well as upgrading courses to take. In addition, players will combat difficult adversaries and defeat terrible bosses in dramatic hack and slash battles. All while facing off against vividly colored animals or combating shadow-soaked foes.

Players can head on over to Steam to wishlist the game and download the demo, while those seeking to provide feedback can join its official Discord where they’ll have the opportunity to chat with the development team.

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