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AtGames ends Cloud BYOG beta for Legends Arcade

AtGames Cloud BYOG

AtGames ended the Cloud BYOG beta period on December 15. Starting today, the company is offering new service options and pricing.

BYOG allows Legends Arcade products running on the Legends Arcade Platform to stream PC-based video games from PC digital distribution platforms. There are two streaming options: local and cloud.

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Local Streaming (Free)

Streaming from your own Windows PC to a Legends Arcade device via a home network is free with the ArcadeNetLink app. If you want to stream from your computer, we have the recommended hardware specs below.

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  • Intel CPU 3rd Generation (Ivy Bridge) or later


  • Intel HD Graphics 520 or later
  • Nvidia GTX 600 series or later (Note: GT series is not supported.)
  • AMD Radeon HD 7700 series or later

Cloud Streaming (Paid Subscription)

If users do not have a sufficiently powerful PC or prefer a managed solution, AtGames lets you stream from its servers for a fee. The current service and pricing for the cloud streaming option are as follows:

  • Cloud BYOG (1 month): $20 per month, 30 hours of streaming with a minimum 65GB available storage
  • Cloud BYOG (3 months): $60 for three months, 30 hours of streaming with a minimum 65GB available storage

“Using Cloud BYOG with the AtGames cloud servers has a charge to cover the costs associated with running software from optimized distribution centers and streaming them in real-time to a Legends Arcade Family device,” AtGames says.

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