Blitz: Rise of Heroes is a 3D fantasy RPG launching on mobile next week

Blitz: Rise of Heroes

Blitz: Rise of Heroes is the ideal mobile RPG for gamers wishing to immerse themselves in a new fantasy world.

Blitz: Rise of Heroes, a new 3D fantasy RPG title from Whaleapp, will be available for smartphones this month. Blitz: Rise of Heroes provides gamers with an alternative to the genre’s existing titles, highlighting outstanding character design, gorgeous locations, and exciting action.

A mobile RPG designed for fans of the genre

Although many perceive the RPG genre on smartphones to be a casual sort of game, Whaleapp hopes to break the trend by releasing a free title where lovers of RPG games will feel at home in this new fantasy RPG.

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The half-forgotten worship of the fire deity Cyrus shocks the nation of Asteria one fateful day, resulting in a major Ashen invasion. When the kingdom is on the verge of war, it can only be defended by the Alliance and the Guardians, who fight side by side but seldom see eye to eye.

The game offers enough content to reach hundreds of hours of gameplay, with over 40 customizable heroes to choose from and multiple game modes such as campaign, PvP, treasure maze, and more, as well as 104 skills and four unique talents available for our heroes, allowing us to assemble a team of six heroes with which we will rise to victory (hopefully).

Blitz: Rise of Heroes will be free to download and play. It will arrive on Android and iOS devices on November 9, 2021.

Watch the trailer below!

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