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Buck Bradley 2 release date announced for Switch

Buck Bradley 2

Once again, Buck Bradley and his friends return in a new release of this comic adventure.

When we talk about indie games, it is not enough to have nice graphics or flashy gameplay. Indie games are a set of elements, which when presented in a balanced way become a remarkable game. Red Deer Games is one of those publishers that frequently delivers on indies.

That’s why, today, the Polish publisher has shared the release date of the sequel to one of its games. Buck Bradley 2, the successor to the comic adventure that came out earlier this year (which we reported on in March), now has a release date. Although there is very little time between one game and the other, Werdera promises an even better experience than the first title.

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Let’s hop into the bike and start a new adventure

Once again, let’s get on the bike as a new adventure with Buck in the world of Terrastambra, which is waiting for us. In this sequel, the adventure will lead us to a futuristic and modern city, called New Milan.  This new world will welcome us back with many more adventures where Buck Bradley, along with his friends, will be the protagonists.

Buck Bradley 2

This game presents us with an adventure that is the perfect mix between comics and a visual novel. Its stylized graphics and engaging gameplay make the game unique. You will be filled with puzzles, riddles, challenges, and more that will make you put your mind to work while laughing your ass off along the way.

Buck Bradley 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 28. If you’re a fan of comic books or visual novels, you may want to check out this sequel.