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Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure

All comic book fans can’t miss this point-and-click game.

Werdera, in collaboration with Red Deer Games, announced today that Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure, a point-and-click adventure game, will be released for Nintendo Switch this week. This immensely entertaining point-and-click adventure is a comic book fan’s fantasy, complete with humor, riddles, and insane action.

Welcome to this crazy, comic post-apocalyptic story.

Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure

You’ll step into the shoes of Buck Bradley in this amusing game inspired on comic books. Toxic pollution has wreaked havoc on the globe, turning mankind into mutants. Unfortunately, it didn’t see you or, more especially, Ciroki, the person nearest to you. You go on a mission to assist your friend in changing his life’s fate into that of a little blue mutant.

You will experience many fascinating adventures, meet wonderful personalities, and face unique scenarios in the post-apocalyptic world. All of this is amusing, but be sure to pay attention to the details in order to correctly answer the riddles, since Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure will provide you with a lot of problems to complete.

Buck Bradley: Comic Adventure will be published for Nintendo Switch on March 4th.

Watch the game trailer down below.

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