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Citizens of Earth | Atlus’s Retro-Inspired RPG Now Available

Atlus’s retro-inspired RPG, Citizens of Earth, launched today on various digital platforms – Steam (PC), Nintendo eShop (3DS & Wii U), and PlayStation Network (PS4 & PS Vita).

Citizens of Earth - Banner

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This Earthbound-style game puts you in charge of a vice president coming home from a long and drawn out campaign run. He find the place has gone berserk, and must use his powers of delegation to recruit and manage the game’s 40 unique citizens to literally fight his battles.

Citizens of Earth - 2

Citizens of Earth was among the indie highlights in the recent Nintendo Direct, featured on Nintendo eShop for both Wii U & 3DS. Atlus promises a nostalgic-style adventure with plenty of additional side quests and bonus content. The download price is $14.99.

This one is quirky, no doubt about it – I’m a big fan of the colorful, cartoon-like art style. Here’s the launch trailer: